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The 12 Things That Happen When Your Smartphone Battery Hits 1%

We've all been there. Put a Verizon Wireless device on your list this holiday season, and you'll never want to let it run out of juice.

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10. The seconds are ticking. Speaking of which, you need to check what time your yoga class is tomorrow so you don't stay out TOO late.


"YES, I can stay out for AT LEAST another two hours and be able to get my tree pose on, no sweat. OK, on a roll..."

11. One final newsfeed sweep to see what your other friends, who clearly had better things to do, are doing.

melalouise (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: melalouise

"They're doing the same thing we're doing... at the bar next door! Let's go meet them!"

12. And right as you are about to transfer money to your friend to close the tab, darkness descends.

MamiGibbs / Getty Images

"Aw, man, too bad. And I don't have any cash on me. Guess I'll have to pay you back later..."

Well, your phone dying sucks ALMOST all the time. With a Verizon Wireless device, you may be too attached to let it happen again.