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The Longest Wait Times In The World

Why can't there be a FastPass for life? Don't waste another moment waiting the day away -- upgrade to FiOS Quantum℠ Internet and experience a new revolution in Internet speed.

The Wait List For Green Bay Packers Season Tickets

To See A Sequel To "The Wizard of Oz"

The Waitlist To Get Into Disney's Club 33

To Snag "Fifty Shades Of Grey" From Your Local Library

Sitting Through The World's Longest Movie

The Longest Wait For An iPhone

To Get Anywhere In Los Angeles

Travelling From Emeryville To Chicago By Train

The Flight From Newark To Singapore

Waiting In The Emergency Room

Don't Wait And Waste Away, Upgrade to Verizon FiOS Quantum℠ Internet

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Don't waste another second playing the waiting game! Experience the fastest Internet speeds available on your home devices with Verizon FiOS Quantum℠ Internet -- the next evolution in online connectivity.