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The Evolution Of Internet Connectivity

Think twice before you publicly shame your dicey Wi-Fi connection on Twitter; we didn't always have such easy access to the World Wide Web. We've come a long way from the Internet's humble beginnings, and with Verizon FiOS Quantum℠ Internet, the next true revolution in network connectivity is here.

1969: The Advent Of ARPANET

1976: ARPANET And Ethernet Are Operational

1980: Ethernet And Usenet Are Introduced

1982: The World's First Proper Emoticon

1985: The First Dot Com Is Registered

1990: Adios, ARPANET

1995: Hello, Internet!

2001: Wikis And Torrents And Blogs, Oh My

2006: The Ubiquity Of The Internet

2012: And Now...Introducing Ultra-Fast Verizon FiOS Quantum℠ Internet!

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Nowadays, just about everything -- from your home devices to your mobile gadgets -- is constantly connected to the Internet at lightning fast speeds. Many Netizens are already experiencing revolutionary connectivity speeds with Verizon FiOS Quantum℠ Internet, which boasts breathtaking always-on speeds of up to 300/65Mbps. So that's, in layman's terms, about a bazillion times faster than the early days of the ARPANET, and a true evolution of the Information Superhighway.