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7 DIY Solves For Those “Only In New York” Problems

You've got enough on your hands. Let Verizon Fios handle your TV and internet needs.

1. If you dreamed of exposed brick and ended up with icky plaster, there's a simple solution.

2. If you're a renter, you might think your decorating options are limited, but there are lots of ways to add clever, impermanent touches.

3. New Yorkers are used to living in small spaces. Get creative to get the most out of your space.

4. Find little ways to make your home uniquely you.

5. Storage always seems to be an issue, especially in the bathroom. Strategically placed shelves can solve some of your clutter woes.

6. A handy desk organizer can free up space.

7. A kitchen makeover can be a lot cheaper and easier than you imagined.

There are plenty of stressful things about New York living, but with Verizon Fios, reliable TV, internet, and phone service won't be one of them.