10 Animals That Wish They Were Santa Claus

What’s better than cute critters all snug in Santa hats to ring in the holiday cheer? How about a one-on-one with ol’ St. Nick himself. Now you can Chat With Santa straight from the North Pole, and hash out what you really want under the Christmas tree.

1. These inquisitive pugs.

“Wait, wait, wait. So, how… how does he get down the chimney, again?”

2. This fat cat.

It was not hard to solve the mystery of the missing Christmas ham.

3. This hungry porcupine.

All right, let’s get it all out of our system:
Santa Gnaws, Santa Claws, Santa Paws, Santa D’awwws
There — don’t we feel better?

4. This winking Corgi.

Everyone wants to ride on a one pup open sleigh.

5. This greedy kitty.

Santa Cat adores his new yarn, but got all your gifts last minute at Rite-Aid. Typical.

6. This chill camel.

Camel Claus just wants you to know that you’re running a little low on eggnog.

7. These waddling penguins.

Socially Awkward Christmas Penguins: draw themselves for Secret Santa, still don’t know what to get.

8. This shy kitten.


9. This nibbly bunny.

Santa Bunny can’t wait to crack open that fruitcake you brought, she’s just, uh, trying to watch her figure. Yeah, that’s it.

10. This skateboarding Beagle.

“Can someone please come get their awesome skateboarding Christmas Beagle? He’s shredding all over the place,” said someone for the first and last time in the history of the world.

We can’t turn you into ol’ Kris Kringle, but we can certainly put you in touch with him. Hop on a direct video chat with the jolly man himself and you could instantly win a $200 gift card, courtesy of Verizon FiOS. How’s that for holiday cheer?

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