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12 Text Cliffhangers That Feel Like They Last Forever

The unreliable people in your life have a way of making time stand still.

1. When they don't like your blue hat.

2. When your flaky friend can't think of the right excuse.

3. When your neighbor gets preoccupied mid-explanation.

4. When your sibling tries to think of any way to avoid helping.

5. When you need your boss to be direct for once.

6. When Terry tries to buy time to check on the cat before responding.

7. When your Dad forgets to hit the send button.

8. When Jake pulls this move.

9. When your parents lose track of time.

10. When the airport is an hour from your house.

11. When it could really go either way at this point.

12. When you realize you've made a mistake.

Images by Jake Russell Tapleshay / BuzzFeed

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