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Paid PostAug 21, 2018

Tech Accessories That Make Summer Travel Easy And Unforgettable

Charge up your summer with the tech accessories that make music, photos, and more better than ever, all at Verizon.

Throw the JBL Link 10 Voice-Activated Speaker in your beach bag for the perfect sound system to accompany you and your crew out for a day under the sun.

Bonus: It's voice-activated and has Google Assistant, so you can change the music without even moving a muscle (well, just your mouth muscles). Get it here!

Going on a big trip with friends this summer? If you need to recharge during a long flight or road trip, the JBL Everest 310GA Wireless Headphones will keep you entertained with up to ~20 hours~ of continuous play time.

And it features this super-cool technology that lets you pair your Everest with other Bluetooth™ headphones to easily share the songs and videos you've been obsessed with. Get it here!

Did Vacation Brain make you forget to charge your phone? Juice it up fast with the mophie charge stream pad so you can get on to your next summer adventure.

It also supports both Apple and Samsung Fast Charge, which is perfect when you need to juice up quickly. Get it here!

There are two key things you need for your outdoor workout: good weather and the Fitbit Versa, a smartwatch that was basically made for fitness junkies.

The best part is that it has its own library and other apps for music, so you can leave your phone at home if you hate having to bring it along for a run. Get it here!

Going rafting or Jet Skiing? You can bring your phone along for the ride without worrying about water damage with the LifeProof FRE Case for iPhone X.

And it keeps your photos distortion-free with its anti-reflective optical-glass lens (though you prob shouldn't snap pics while engaging in water sports). Get it here!

Once you've made all those priceless summer memz, you can bring them all to life instantly with the Lifeprint 2x3 Photo and Video Printer.

On top of this, you can actually transform your photos into videos and GIFs when you hover your phone over the printed photos in Lifeprint's free Augmented Reality Hyperphoto app. Get it here!

Summer is meant for fun, and you can make the most of it with the right gear from Verizon.

Illustrations by Kevin Valente / © BuzzFeed 2018