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Paid PostNov 9, 2017

11 Stories Of The Worst Times To Run Out Of Storage

"I NEARLY missed my best friend getting engaged." Um, what? Probably time for a new phone. Get the Google Pixel 2 with unlimited photo storage and share every unmissable moment on the fly with Verizon.

1. Mandy and the reluctant friends.


"I was seeing my all-time favorite artist. Obviously, I wanted to take photos to look back on, BUT I WAS OUT OF STORAGE. I had to rely on my friends to take pictures and videos for me, which made it a little less special. :("


2. Alex and the missed golden opportunity.

Tunart / Getty Images

"My family has a golden retriever who hates it when we do push-ups for some reason. Normally, the dog just barks or paws at us while we're getting swole, but the last time I was home she jumped on top of my dad's back and didn't know what to do. I tried to take a video of her looking all confused while my dad cranked out a set, but my phone was out of storage and the entire moment was lost."


3. Kristen and the out-of-sight northern lights.

Kurmyshov / Getty Images

"I was vacationing in Alaska, and it's always been a dream of mine to see the northern lights. The lights were particularly inactive while I was visiting until the night I was flying back home. The light show from my window seat was incredible, and I was devastated I couldn't get any photos to share that moment with family and friends, but I at least have the memory of wonderful sight."


4. Samra and a phone not full of stars.


"It happened to me at a Coldplay concert where I was in the front row. They were playing 'A Sky Full of Stars,' and a zillion paper stars came billowing out of the sky. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, and I couldn't even take video of it."


5. Charles and the onstage dilemma.


"At a music festival a few years back, Iggy Pop allowed like a couple hundred people to jump up on the stage and dance around while he was in the middle of an encore. One of my friends got up there, on one of the biggest stages of one of the most famous festivals in the world and got ZERO PHOTOS because he'd filled them up with bad photos of us standing drinking beer in the mud."


6. Jessica and the nearly missed engagement.

Den-belitsky / Getty Images

"I NEARLY missed my best friend getting engaged. I was there to take photos of it happening/film the reaction. Luckily I took a test photo of the sunset like 10 minutes before and saw that I was maxed out, and spent the next five minutes frantically deleting. I was able to capture the moment but worried about getting that dreaded storage full message after every picture I took."


7. Jill and the long-gone graduation.


"Graduation is a big moment for any parent, and I was especially proud! After the walking ceremony, I took a couple of photos on my phone and then saw that my storage was full. I was happy with the shots and wanted to enjoy the rest of the day. Later that night, I looked at my phone and saw they were all so blurry! At least I got a picture, but still a big ole bummer."


8. Laura gets iced out in Iceland.

Josip Matanovic / Getty Images

"I had just gotten off the plane in Iceland, went to take a picture, got that message and then my phone proceeded to turn itself off for the rest of the day."


9. Eric and the total disappointment of the eclipse.


"I was so, so, so excited for the eclipse this year. I had bought glasses and canceled all my meetings so I could watch it reach totality. I even bought a special lens to attach to my smartphone. What I forgot to do was free up space, and now all I have is this dumb blurry photo of the friggin' awesome eclipse."


10. Steven and the saga of the stuck car.


"I had this friend who would take his car off-roading — it 100% was not built to go off-roading. Sure enough, it got stuck in the mud. Everybody jumped out of the car and was trying to push it out but kept falling in the mud and getting splattered every time they tried to drive the car forward. Frantically I tried to capture the comical scene but was out of storage. I had to delete all my text messages and only managed to grab a shot as they freed the car."


11. Clark and the crowd of corgis.


"Anybody who knows me knows just HOW MUCH I love corgis. Well, a couple of months ago, I was filming a video where I was blindfolded and led to a surprise. What was the surprise? Corgis. SEVENTY Corgis. I was overwhelmed and trying to process everything. As I sat on the ground, they all ran up to me and gave me kisses. I started grabbing selfies, but the potatoes were moving so fast so I kept snapping, and then...ran out of storage. The photos I got are all blurry, but in my heart, I know what it is."


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