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12 Moments Bound To Happen At Your Christmas Dinner

It's all about to go down in the dining room. Happy Holidays from Verizon.

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1. When your grandma is making the mac 'n' cheese this year:


It's 'bout to be lit.

2. When you see the dessert table and everything is on point:


Cake for days.

3. When there isn't anything with your name on it underneath the tree:


Now it's your duty to drown the room in negativity.

4. When you realize there are going to be enough leftovers to get you through the entire week:



5. When everybody asks why you don't have a girlfriend yet:

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But then you gotta hit em with the #clapback: "Why you getting divorced again??"

6. When you know your cousin is bringing your crush to dinner:


Relax and try to keep it classy...or don't.

7. When the yams are so on point it must be a miracle:

Baptazia / Via

Damn...damn...DAMN!!! 🙌

8. When the grown folks are talking but you wanna eavesdrop:

FX / Via

The tea is HOT!

9. When you're catching your cousins up on your latest escapades:


Das it!

10. When you tell your mama's business in front of everyone:

The Garth Ancier Company / Via

Now she knows you are NOT to be played with.

11. When your auntie pulls out yet another sweet potato pie:

Lionsgate / Via

"Another one!"

12. And when you can't help but sleep after eating entirely too much food:


It's OK. Get some shleep.

Happy Holidays from Verizon.

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