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14 Moments People Who Are SO DONE With Holiday Shopping Will Understand

And to the 0.001% of people who like holiday shopping, listen up and learn of our struggle.

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11. The moment you realize you've been shopping for yourself for the last two hours.

Spencer Bergen / BuzzFeed

Where did it all go wrong? When did you get so off track? Are you a bad person? Do they have these in your size?

12. The point when you consider texting your friends and telling them that, while trying to find gifts for them, you've realized you don't know them at all, and that you're so sorry, and that you wouldn't blame them if they never spoke to you again.

Here's an idea: SKIP THE STRESS.

With the best network and unbeatable technology, the gift of Verizon is a no-brainer. You don't have to visit a million stores, keep track of fleeting sales, or fret over whether or not they'll like their present. With Verizon, they'll love it. And your holiday shopping will be holidone.