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13 Epic Comebacks You Heard From Your Latina Mom While Growing Up

Mamá siempre gana. She’s the best.

1. The one where she wanted you to also feel her pain:

2. The one that made us learn how to make arroz:

3. The one that encouraged you to be autonomous:

4. This one she prolly picked up straight from a novela:

5. This classic:

6. The one where you knew she wasn't messing around:

7. When you and your sibling didn't help her clean, and she just had to shut it down:

8. The super-famous "NO ES HOTEL":

9. When she was mad, but you were trying to get on her good side again:

10. This one, which needs no introduction:

11. She's always shown pure mastery when it comes to forcing you to take care of your responsibilities:

12. We can't forget el: "Búscame que me vas a encontrar."

13. And the queen phrase of all verbosity and logic:

When it comes to comebacks, Mom will always win.

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