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10 Awesome Ways Your Fave Latin Foods Would Use Social Media

They'd socialize with American creations, and they'd be so good they'd make us have hallucinations.

1. Elotes and burgers would just have the time of their lives together.

2. Salsa would be everything pizza needs.

3. Churros wouldn't hesitate to post memes giving away his crush on chocolate.

4. Molletes wouldn't be turnt without a little pico de gallo.

5. Once jalapeño and mac 'n' cheese discovered they were a match made in heaven, they'd never go back.

6. Arepa would definitely be an Insta queen.

7. Fritangas would post the squad of our dreams.

8. Tacos al pastor would be totally smitten with piña, understandably.

9. Arroz con leche would share their process of ~beautification~.

10. And mole and french fries would become forever baes. 💘 💘 💘

We'd follow all of these foods.

These delicious convos could get even more interesting on the new Galaxy S7, Samsung's #1 phone, on America's #1 network. An amazing camera plus Verizon's award-winning speed makes anyone a social media master.