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10 GIFs That Only Get Better With Speed

Can you handle the speed? Verizon understands your fast lifestyle and has answered the call with its super fast 4G LTE network. Here are some GIFs that have been sped up for your viewing pleasure.

1. That chewing gum isn't gonna chew itself!

2. The faster it breathes, the angrier it becomes!

3. Here is a case where sarcasm became sincere congratulations!

4. This guy can somehow type more words per minute than you.

5. This went from charming to slightly disturbing.

6. All of a sudden a fun game has become a maniacal obsession.

7. This guy went from listening to some soothing jazz to some Friday night party beats.

8. It shouldn't be this hard to get some ice cream for crying out loud.

9. A peckish turtle has transformed into a ravenous beast!

10. Nothing is worse than losing the page you were on.