10 Fast Tech Fixes We Could Not Live Without

Because stopping to smell the roses is SO overrated. When living life in the fast lane, we count on certain things to not slow us down. Verizon gets this, and has super fast 4G LTE speeds to prove it.

1. Online shopping

To be exercised with extreme caution so as to avoid bankruptcy. Seriously, it’s just too easy.

2. Dating apps

Finding a good match was never so easy and fast!

3. Traffic apps

Ain’t nobody got time for that rush hour traffic!

4. Mobile banking


Unfortunately, there are no candy jars and smiling bank tellers if you take this route.

5. Food delivery apps

Now the only hard part is figuring out how to get up from the couch to answer the delivery man.

6. Wikipedia

You can find anything on Wikipedia. Just don’t get sucked into clicking within the articles or else you’ll be there forever.

7. Phone scanners

Because who seriously has the time to wait for a scanner to “warm up”?

8. Navigation apps

Never again will a man compromise his masculinity and pull over for directions!

9. Texting

Let’s be real: Texting is basically instant messenger.

10. Cloud storage

Wasting precious minutes fumbling through physical files is a thing of the past. Now you can upload and download data quickly from any device, straight from the sky! Talk about a time saver.

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