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Almost Anyone Can Benefit From An Indoor Herb Garden And This List Proves It

It doesn't matter who you are — decorator, foodie, or hobbyist. Indoor herb gardens are for everyone! Véritable gives you easy, instant access to fresh herbs all year long. Get 20% off with code BF20 until 1/31/22.

You see an indoor herb garden and you think to yourself, Yea, that's cool and all, but I don't think it's for me! Well, let this list prove to you that almost all personality types can benefit from having their own indoor garden.

1. The Decorator

2. The Bartender

3. The Cooking Enthusiast

4. The Hobbyist

5. The Person With No Green Thumbs

6. The Person With A Tiny Apartment

7. The Pet Owner

8. The Parent

9. The Goal-Setter

10. The Money Saver

Almost anyone can benefit from an indoor herb garden. Grow herbs directly from your kitchen all year round with Véritable.