“All of those hangars are damaged. We anticipate the aircraft parked inside may be damaged as well."

Vera Bergengruen • 3 days ago

The US has provided Saudi Arabia with refueling, weapons, and advice for its campaign in Yemen that the UN said has killed thousands of civilians.

Vera Bergengruen • 4 days ago

“Most Americans are only vaguely aware that we’re still fighting overseas, and the reason for that is that they don’t have any skin in the game.”

Vera Bergengruen • 7 days ago

“That’s the dirty little secret here — there could be thousands of US troops camped out in northern and eastern Syria for decades,” said Nicholas Heras, a Syria expert at the Center for a New American Security.

Vera Bergengruen • 13 days ago

“Sirs – POTUS just tweeted the below on Transgenders not being able to serve in the military in any capacity."

Vera Bergengruen • 25 days ago

He also offered to pony up $2 billion to help pay for a permanent US presence.

Vera Bergengruen • 27 days ago

The claim was greeted with skepticism. “It’s not a certification — it’s a rubber stamp for Saudi Arabia,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Vera Bergengruen • One month ago

The breathless coverage of a sexual overture that wasn’t missed the new details about her five-year effort to make inroads with prominent Republicans.

Vera Bergengruen • One month ago

Trump ordered the exercises suspended after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Vera Bergengruen • One month ago

After veterans groups accused Donald Trump of “telling every veteran ... that he doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s service,” Trump issued a proclamation calling for flags to remain at half-staff through McCain’s funeral.

Vera Bergengruen • One month ago

Arguing for her release on bond, her lawyer says US prosecutors twisted joking text messages to paint “Ms. Butina as some type of spy-novel honeypot.”

Vera Bergengruen • One month ago

Six key figures in the Trump–Russia probe have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on the seesaw of outrage and sympathy created by the investigation dominating US politics.

Vera Bergengruen • One month ago

The outgoing US commander in Afghanistan gave what was likely his final press briefing on Wednesday, facing a barrage of questions about how the US military can claim both progress and a stalemate.

Vera Bergengruen • One month ago

The funds were redirected after the State Department received promises and pledges from coalition partners, notably Saudi Arabia, for funding to help stabilize the country.

Emily Tamkin • 2 months ago

The president tweeted that he'll just go to a military parade in Paris instead.

Cora Lewis • 2 months ago

The proposal includes a plan to create an "elite group of joint war fighters" for space who would be organized along the same lines as current special operations forces.

Vera Bergengruen • 2 months ago

Maria Butina learned about Americans on a very local level — and found that gun rights would be a winning issue to get close to conservatives.

Vera Bergengruen • 2 months ago

“The White House gets to do whatever it wants when it wants how it wants.”

Vera Bergengruen • 2 months ago

It’s hard to tell how much of the story 29-year-old Maria Butina told Americans about herself for years is real. But it's clear that her persona — a scrappy girl from Siberia fighting for Russian gun rights — was carefully calibrated to appeal to US conservatives.

Vera Bergengruen • 2 months ago

Maria Butina cultivated relationships with conservative Republican politicians, including Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, and Bobby Jindal.

Vera Bergengruen • 3 months ago