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The 10 Worst Drivers In Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles or spend any amount of time there, you’ll know that driving is an essential part of life and that most of city's drivers could do with revisiting their Driver’s Ed (WTF is Driver’s Ed?) Here are some of the city’s finest *ahem* drivers.

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3. Supersize Soccer Mom

Via Flickr: malingering

Navigating a vehicle the size of most studio apartments, this MILF’s got a lot on her mind and driving within one lane isn’t one of them. All-wheel drive = using the grass median to enter The Whole Foods parking lot on San Vicente.

7. The Out-Of-Stater

Via Flickr: smailtronic

You know the type – transplants. We get it – you're from Massachusetts or Pennsylvania or New York, or worst of all, Florida – but do you really need to drive like that? Hurry up and register your car in California. For all our sakes.

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