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People Who Get Paid To Touch Your Junk

A comparison of the world's oldest profession and one of its newest.

Sir Venn Graham 8 years ago

Google Stereotypes

According to Google's auto-fill, all you cocky Italians, fat Americans, and ugly Germans have two important things in common. You're all racist and rude.

Sir Venn Graham 9 years ago

Venn Diagram Pie Charts

Or is it a pie charts venn diagram?

Sir Venn Graham 9 years ago

A Comprehensive Guide To Sitcom Door Locations (1979-1989)

Keep this handy, it will prove itself invaluable some day.

Sir Venn Graham 9 years ago

Passive Aggressive Venn Diagram

Cecilia needs to step things up!

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

Olympics Venn Diagram

I think I may have spent way too much time on this...

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

Wu Tang Venn Diagram

Helpful tip of the day.

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

Happy Sad Venn Diagram

A t-shirt exploring the middle ground of emotions, between happy and sad, that actually makes up the majority of life's moments.

Sir Venn Graham 10 years ago

Vin Diagram

Depending on where you stand, Shitty Movies could also be substituted for Awesome Movies.

Peggy Wang 10 years ago

Venn Diagram Diagram

The most meta of venn diagrams.

Sir Venn Graham 10 years ago

Jesus Venn Diagram

Surprising, yet highly accurate.

Sir Venn Graham 10 years ago

Things That Should Be Kept Out Of Children's Reach

Yes, this Venn diagram includes homemade flying saucers.

Sir Venn Graham 10 years ago

The Thing About Whale Sharks

So glad we've got that cleared up then.

Sir Venn Graham 10 years ago

The Boy Paradox

I think the "Nice Boy" circle could be renamed "Dull Boy," but I guess that would be less Paradox, more Conundrum.

Cute Boys, Objectified 10 years ago

Venn Diagram - Mythical Creatures

What the fuck is a mermahuataur?

matthew williamson 10 years ago

The Truest Venn Diagram

Wherein we learn that venn diagrams are the most powerful of charts, for they can even explain boobs.

Amanda Dobbins 10 years ago