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12 Things You'll Only See On Venice Beach

Venice Beach can be fairly described as America's largest outdoor freak show. Where else do potheads, muscle-heads and, well, snake-charming unicyclists cavort on the boardwalk 24/7 for your entertainment? Check out AMC's Freakshow Thursdays 9:30/8:30c.

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5. The Kush Doctor


According to their website, legal marijuana helps with everything from eyeball pressure to (ahem) chronic pain. Legal or not, we do not recommend getting wicked high and going to the Venice Beach Freak Show.

9. Mermaids in Wheelbarrows


This woman is preparing for a march during National Go Topless Day. Oh, by the way: There's such a thing as National Go Topless Day. #Venice #AmericaWins

12. The Venice Beach Freakshow

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Naturally, the world's best outdoor freak show is home to the world's best indoor freak show. If you like live two-headed-animals, fire-eaters and medical-oddities-in-jars, Christmas just came early. AMC's new unscripted show, Freakshow, premieres this Valentine's Day at 9:30 EST.