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    • veilofignorance

      Dear author,  Please stick to listicles about how signs that you are an Aquarius, or other such nonsense.  Your coin analogy is moronic. Also, the authoritative tone you take with explaining the most basic element of statistics is cringe-worthy, and you thought about it completely wrong.  Let’s talk about this.  Let’s say that you have a 50% chance of finding your soul mate (let’s call that Heads) and, thus, a 50% chance of not finding your soul mate (Tails). It IS true that you have a 50% probability for finding your soul mate on any given date. But, your probability of not finding a soul mate as you go on more dates decreases. For instances: -Changes of finding Soul mate on first date = 50% -Change of going on ten dates and not finding soul mate (which is the same as calculating the probability of getting Tails 10 flips in a row = (.5)^10 = 0.000977 What the Math fella has done is try to improve his probability on any given date by filtering out people based on his desired characteristics. This is no different (but certainly more efficient) than say, choosing to go out to a certain bar because your particular types congregate there.  Maybe he is a weird PUA douch, but that is separate issue from the math.

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