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    • vegenaut

      What exactly were the “good questions” you are referring to? Could you quote them here for us? The only *actual* quote she gave from a scholar that disagreed with the author basically said (the following is my summary) “your book uses lots of old arguments which have already been refuted by other scholars”. That’s the most vague quote ever. How is he supposed to respond to that? It doesn’t mention any actual arguments in detail, it just says your arguments are old and they have already been refuted. The reason he kept repeating his credentials was because she kept insisting that his being muslim somehow discounted the quality of information in his book. He was trying to remind her, over and over and over, that he is a scholar of religion first (at least in the context of this book), and a muslim second. His head isn’t big, he’s just clearly and rightfully frustrated by her attempts to discredit him by attacking his religion instead of his actual arguments. One of the clearest signs of idiocy in a debate is when you attack your opponent rather than their actual arguments.

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