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      The damn STATE should be TRIED & PROSECUTED in this case for their absolute NEGLECT of this child since the moment he was BORN toaHEROIN ADDICTED mother.  This child should have been taken away from those INEPT “parents”(a term which they do not deserve); yet the STATE allowed these ANIMALS( and truly this epithet is an INSULT to Animals)to take him HOME so they could inflict MORE DAMAGE upon him(as if infusing himwHeroin and other substances while in gestation was not enough!!!)- WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE ????  WhatIbelieve should happen in the world at large is this:NO ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO BREED unless…. They completea4 -6 year PARENTING COURSE(and graduate that coursewa phuckin Ph. Damn “D”)and secondly:EVERYONE should be able to PASSaPSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION andaDRUG SCREENING-BEFOREthey are allowed to BREED !!!!
      Icant help but CRY for this poor child-because it was NEVER his fault-the people who should have been tried and committed toalife in Prison or Psych State Facility should be his FAMILY( including that FLAKE ofagrandmother of his!piece of WHITE TRASH !)and the gad damn STATE of Cali. for having left the fate of this child’s life in the hands of ………MONSTERS!!!
      This is truly an American TRAGEDY but whats worse than this, is that when Joseph is released 10 years from now-he will be the ultimateSERIAL-KILLER….. and woe to his VICTIMS !

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