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13 Of The Best Feelings Of Summer

In the summer, there's nothing better. Make these summer feelings last longer with 28 days of smooth skin, courtesy of Veet waxes.

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1. Floating weightlessly in the ocean.

2. Getting your sweat on outdoors.

3. Slipping on your favorite pair of shorts for the first time since winter.

4. The ache in your legs after running along the beach.

5. The icy chill after a hot hour of sunbathing.

6. The wind whipping your hair into tangles as you drive with the windows down.

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7. A cold fan blowing on your smooth legs.

8. Getting an ice-cold cone on a scorching hot day.

9. Riding shotgun, barefoot and bare-legged.

10. Catching a chill wave as you watch the sunset.

11. Digging your toes into the sand.

12. Water that's just above freezing.

13. Waking up at sunrise and having the world to yourself.

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