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10 Places To Go Before It's Cold Outside

Autumn is coming. So make the most of these last few weeks of the season — and stay smooth with Veet!

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1. The Ice Cream Parlor

JANIFEST / Getty Images

Ice cream is practically the official food of summer — and it's actually not uncommon for many treateries to close down from November to March — so make sure you get your fix while skirts and shorts are still in season. Sorbet, yogurt... they all count!

2. The Baseball Diamond

Thomas R. Stegelmann (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: thomasrstegelmann

The baseball season ends in late September, but local pick-up games can continue much later — and depending on where you live, that can be halfway through sweater weather! So gather your friends and enjoy one last game this year, bleachers or not!

3. The Shore

Pedro Ribeiro Simões (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: pedrosimoes7

Sure, the water may be freezing all year-round, but nothing beats the sun on your back and a book in your hands. Head out earlier in the morning to beat the crowds and add the finishing touches to the perfect summer tan you've been working on.

4. The Highest Point in Town

Ilona L (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via

This may be a little tough if you live in any of the mountain states, but one rewarding summer activity is climbing to the highest point in your town. Not only is it enlightening, but the view is often spectacular, and much more bearable in summer.

5. A Food Truck

John (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: johnjoh

Along with the outdoor barbecue, one of the great joys of summer is quickly grabbing lunch from a food truck. And just because it's street food doesn't mean it's inferior to your restaurant fare. There are tons of options around the country.

6. The Botanical Garden

Ellen van Bodegom / Getty Images

Search online for an arboretum or botanical garden, and you're bound to find something close to home. From fragrant flowers to towering trees to placid ponds, these community gardens are a sight to behold. Get out there before the first frost!

7. The Farmers Market

MinorManori / Getty Images

Farmers markets are everywhere, but have you actually gone yet? In addition to fresh, locally grown foods, farmers markets offer access to the real people behind the products you buy — not to mention, they're a great place to sample new things!

8. The Water Park

Sarah Ackerman (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: sackerman519

Remember the thrill of going down the water slide as a kid? You can still do that! Round up a few friends (even numbers usually go over better at amusement parks) and show off that new swimsuit at the wave pool or lazy river — whatever you're into!

9. The Raspberry Farm

VladimirKhodataev / Getty Images

Nothing beats eating fresh raspberries, especially when you pick them yourself. While the fall crop continues until frost, who wants to go raspberry picking when it's wet and dreary? Find your local farms now and bring as many baskets as possible!

10. The Park

Fabio Sabatini / Getty Images

A public park is so much more than grass and trees. Search online for a calendar of free concerts in your area. Many parks host performers of all kinds, from musicians to magicians. Bring some friends and a blanket during a lazy summer afternoon!

Take advantage of the warm weather — with 28 days of smooth skin from Veet!