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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Takes On The Vice Presidency In HBO's "Veep"

Veep follows Vice President Selina Meyer and her staff as they attempt to leave their mark on the second highest office in the land without screwing things up too much for her boss. Meet the VPOTUS then tune into Veep, Sundays at 10pm on HBO.

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Selina Meyer, Vice President of the United States

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In the past the role of the Vice President has been a somewhat symbolic one. This Vice President aims to change all that. Her many passions include the environment, jobs and much-needed Senate reform. But despite these grand ambitions, or perhaps because of them, Selina Meyer remains very much a people person. Her mantra is “politics is about people” and she hopes to bring people closer to politics and politics closer to people. She’s even given herself an informal nickname – Veep – to underline her approachability. She hopes it catches on! As she says, “I’d like to be remembered as the People’s Vice President.”

Amy Brookheimer, Chief of Staff

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Amy describes herself as “the Vice President’s trouble-shooter, problem-solver, issue-mediator, doubt-remover, conscience-examiner, thought-thinker and all-round everything-doer.” But she’s keen to point out that when she’s doing her job well no one knows that she’s doing it all because the role is largely anonymous. Amy says, “To some the anonymity makes the job seem thankless and soul-destroying but I welcome it, I really do.”

Mike McLintock, Assistant to the Vice President and Director of Communications

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Mike is a stalwart of the political communications scene and first began working for Selina when she was Senator for Maryland. As he puts it – “I’ve been with Selina now for longer than I care to remember. In fact, longer than I can actually remember!” He helped mastermind her Presidential campaign to a very creditable third place – a campaign of which he is rightfully proud. He describes himself as, “a regular guy, a sports fan, a dog lover and basically just a guy – just a pretty average guy.”

Sue Wilson, Executive Assistant to the Vice President

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Sue coordinates the Vice President’s diary, scheduling all her meetings and visits. She also acts as the Vice President’s “gatekeeper.” As she puts it: “The Vice President is the second most important person in the world. I arrange for you to see her. So, in my eyes, that makes me the third most important person in the world. So you better be nice to me. Or you won’t get to see her. And if you do get to see her, you better be nice to her. Or you won’t get to see her again. The Vice President may forget but I hold a grudge. And my grudges are nasty.” Her straight-talking, no-nonsense approach has won her many admirers.

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If you want to learn more about Vice President Selina Meyer's administration, then check out Veep, premiering on Sunday, April 22 at 10pm, only on HBO.