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12 Comebacks For Every Situation

Sometimes being the bigger man means having the better rebuttal. Need some material? Check out these sweet comebacks and for more hilarious burns, tune in to the season premiere of Veep, Sunday April 14th at 10pm on HBO.

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1. When people talk to you like you're stupid.

Comedy Central, Workaholics / Via

2. When people judge you for eating fast food.

TLC, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo / Via

3. When someone makes fun of the way you dress.

HBO, Veep / Via

4. When your customers or clients are being difficult.

NBC, Community / Via

5. When you're arguing with a little kid.

Dreamworks, Anchorman / Via

6. When someone tries to argue politics with you.

NBC, 30 Rock / Via

7. When people laugh at you.

HBO, Veep / Via

8. When someone tries to pick a fight with you.

Warner Bros. Pictures, The Hangover / Via

9. When someone tells you that you're doing something wrong.

10. When someone says something to you generally ignorant.

DreamWorks, The Help / Via

11. When someone insults your best friend.

Channel 4, Skins / Via

12. And when all else fails, stick with the classics.