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Slick Hair Cuts, Your Alternative To The Messy Styles Of TodayV

What happened to class? Remember when people used to care about consistency in their dressing and hairstyles? That was just a few decades ago. Unfortunately, this form of dress is really eroding away. Instead, you find yourself stuck around individuals with bright hair colors, non-matching shirts and shorts, and with corny quotes stuck on them. A man who was born and raised just a century ago would assume today’s society to be a circus. Now let’s specifically focus on hair color for a second. We’re not exactly saying that those styles are horrible. We simply think that those styles do not match a person who cares a lot for their looks.

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What your hair color and style says about you…
Many people seem to forget that your dress and hair are languages. This means that what you wear, and how your hair looks, serves as a way of signaling who you are to people.

Now, while some people do understand this concept, there tends to be some reservation in accepting it. This comes up as favoring the view that “no one should be judged for how they look”.

And as such, you have people who follow extreme individualism in clothing, while completely disregarding other’s opinions. It is as if they forget that they “live in a society”.

So as you can see, it’s really an attempt to differentiate yourself from others, while repelling decent individuals in the process.

Following the trends of today won’t get you anywhere.
Of course they won’t. There’s a reason that the stereotype of “tattooed people are unemployed” exists. It is because it’s true.

Apply this to hair styles for a second. How many rainbow haired individuals have you seen working as CEOs or bank vice-presidents? Probably zero. No one will hire you, if you do not present that you’re willing to clean your hair up.

If you’re trying to do so, no worries. There are hair styles out there that fit classy men really well.

Slick-back haircuts, why them?
The classiness of the style and the multi-purpose use for it is bound to make hair care much easier for you. They look like macho haircuts too, and they’re usually the type you see worn by “rich villains in movies”.

It gives you a really good formal impression in the eyes of people, and it shows that you are a man of business. I’d be hard-pressed to see someone with a slick-back haircut that gets treated like a clown.They never do.

It’s also not a difficult hairstyle to adopt, or even maintain. All you need is some hair gel, a good comb, and you’re ready to go!

Where can you show up in those?
We’ve talked a little about showing up like that for a job, but what about casual gatherings? Things like social events, parties, hangouts, etc. Would they work there too?

Absolutely, but remember, you have to dress for the event. A slick haircut will attract a lot of attention, and that attention will have to come from a positive type of people. You don’t want to attract the attention of bums after all, would you?

The classier and better the people at the event, the more proper you need to appear. If it’s an event where a lot of high-status people are present, then by all means, adopt a slick-haircut.

As you can tell, in addition to getting a haircut for the event, you need to get well dressed too.You basically need proper dressing and aesthetics to match the haircut.

So what would be the most appropriate for such cases?

Dressing appropriately for the haircut.
A slick haircut does not match a tank top.That would be like a woman going to a party with a fancy dress and sneakers. Both simply do not match.

No worries though, there are casual outfits that you can wear with a slick haircut. It doesn’t all have to be suit and ties.

For example, you can dress in a leather jacket and clean jeans with that haircut. Showing up in a Harley’s motorcycle too will do the trick. That combination looks extremely fancy.

Additionally, because slick-backs are quite mature, you need to have a mature look on your face. A light stubble in this case (that is well trimmed of course) is going to do the trick. If you’re going for a beard, try your best to make it look simple and non-fuzzy.

Other than that, anything else you choose to wear is supplementary to the “clean and mature” look. For example, you could wear an expensive watch to match, or even come along with a well-known brand for glasses.

ONE MORE THING. Make sure you have good hygiene if you are ever going to appear with that hairstyle. A good hygiene means clean teeth, good breath, non-oily face, and clean-cut nails.

The irony of differentiating yourself from others…
The path that fashion has taken these days is quite ironic. Everyone is dressed and styling their hair like hooligans to look more “special” than others. And yet, we find that people who focus more on looking clean and classy, are getting rarer…

Weird isn’t it? Maybe it’s the classy well-looking guys who happen to be the rarest and most special after all. No one dresses like you, or even tries to these days.

You pretty much have no reason to not adopt a slick back haircut. You look mature, clean, classy, and rare too!

There’s actually a website out there that likes to host information about such hairstyles. After all, a slick-back isn’t the only classy and macho haircut you have on the market.

That website would be Why not check them out and see the collection they have? You might be impressed by the possibilities they present there!

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