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Things Only Women With Breast Implants Will Understand

Some things you wish you knew before-hand

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13 Things Only Women with Breast Implants Will Understand


1. If you were small before you will never cease to be amazed by how BIG boobs can actually be.

2. You’ve been in love with your new girls from the second you saw them.

3. You’ve been judged by others for getting plastic surgery.

4. You either told only your close circle or everyone with eyes that you’ve gotten an augmentation

5. You’ve probably let people feel how “real” they feel.

6. You’ve discovered a lot of your wardrobe has to change.

7. You actually ENJOY going bra shopping now.

8. You’ve thought about your life in terms of “pre-boob job” and “post- boob job”.

9. You’ve proudly defended your right to do whatever you want with YOUR body.

10. Your plastic surgeon is bae.

11. You understand what the terms “drop and fluff” and “boob greed” actually mean.

12. You understand what the terms "moderate" , "moderate plus" and "high profile" actually mean.

13. You love your new look and you can't imagine going back to the way things were before*

Plastic surgery is a very individual choice. If you’ve put some thought into changing you’re your appearance via surgery, the decision is yours and yours alone! is an excellent resource with real-life experiences, expert doctor answers, and recommendations for every kind of plastic surgery procedure.

* While most women are satisfied with their results, re-operation because of complications or dissatisfaction does happen! If you are thinking about plastic surgery meeting with a board-certified surgeon with a lot of experience and clearly communicating your goals is the best way to go.

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