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54 Amazing Peeps Dioramas

The Washington Post's sixth annual Peeps Diorama Contest sugarcoated with political satire and pop culture.

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The Washington Post is peepin' it real with their annual Peeps Diorama Contest. Some of our favorites below along with the winners.


Worry Among the One Peep-cent Semifinalist

From the awards entry: “Shaken by the recent bankruptcies of Dippin’ Dots and the Twinkie maker, executives at Peeps’ headquarters wonder whether volatility within the sugary snack market could trigger their own company’s collapse. Here, a scene from the boardroom.”


Faster than a Peep of Light? Semifinalist

Nerds, this one's for you. A peeped out version of Einstein's theory of relativity.

From the judges' comments: "[This one] inspired hot debate in the semifinal judging process." YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, FOLKS.

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