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Justin Bieber's Fans Name His Private Parts

Oh, those Beilebers!!! Never say never, you guys!!!!

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Justin Bieber tweeted out a link yesterday to a radio interview with James Barr at Capital FM in the UK. The night before Barr's interview he asked Twitter what he should ask the Biebs, and did those Beliebers deliver, you guys! They told James to ask Bieber, "How is Jerry? Is Jerry enjoying the UK?" Barr dared to ask the question that quickly turned into a Twitter trending topic, Who is Jerry"

"Jerry" is exactly what you think it is: the Bieberconda - Bieber's manhood. When asked, Beiber said, "That's just what they named it." Those Beliebers sure know how to go balls to the walls with a euphemism.

Beiber goes on to say, "My fans are a kinda inappropriate. But it's funny."

When given the chance to rename his package, Bieber, says he's going to stick with Jerry for now. OH, ARE YOU, BIEBS? He even goes on to say, "It's kinda like, here's Jerry."

So the next time someone asks, "Who's Jerry," hold your head a little higher and walk a littler prouder knowing that you know what millions of pre-teen girls are calling Justin Bieber's peeps.

News of Justin Bieber's nickname for his private parts comes out three days after he tweeted about his alleged baby mama accuser, Mariah Yeater. In case you missed it, Bieber wrote a unreleased song about her and tweeted out a Borat clip in her honor. Never say never, this guy has a sense of humor!!

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