Fox News Mole, Joe Muto, Revealed: 22 Twitter Reactions

Dude, he’s from Brooklyn!!! Sweet, DUDE.

By now you’ve heard, the Fox News Mole is Joe Muto. Clad in flannel, Brooklyn-based Joe Muto gained instant notoriety on Twitter once his ouster was made public. Some people applauded. Some people were disappointed. The lesson learned: consult an IT guy before deciding to mole yourself out. IP addresses are a real downer.

And ladies, don’t hold your breath because it appears he might be spoken for already.

1. First, let’s all get on the same page. Presenting Joe’s social presence online.

Does the carpet match the drapes? AWK-WARD.

Joe Muto: He’s just like us!

Gang’s all here! Joe Muto’s desk at Fox News…errrrr…former desk.

2. BREAKING META MOMENT: Fox News Mole Reacts to Own Ousting.

3. Some speculated on Fox News dedication to IE7 versus Chrome as the culprit leading Joe to go rogue.

4. Coulda. Shoulda. Woulda.

5. Theh, this happened. Grab your umbrella, it’s raining haters.

9. Meanwhile, some saw it as a real badge of honor. A real Boy Scout that one.

10. IT expert saw it coming a mile away. Discuss.

11. Let’s talk about what’s next for Joe, shall we?

Twitter:!/SilentVolume/status/190253275994529793 / Via Twitter: @kady

12. You can’t say the guys hasn’t got options. NOW CAN YOU?


14. Call Rihanna. It’s raining META.

15. Some are ready to carry the flag for Joe Muto. LET’S GET THIS MOLE SOME RECOGNITION, Y’ALL.

16. This is EXACTLY what the Fox News Mole story needed: a Revenge reference AND a meta moment. YOU’RE WELCOME.

17. Streams crossed. Call Ghostbusters. He weighs in on Ann Romney.

18. Clearly, this guy has not watched The Thomas Crown Affair. Or taken an art history class.

Psst: It’s Magritte, YO.

19. Streams crossed LIKE IT’S HIS JOB.

No matter the situation, ‘Top That’ is Teen Witch. ALWAYS.

20. News of the reveal really messed up this guy’s 2012 plans.

21. You didn’t think someone WASN’T going to weigh in on his Brooklyness and dapper looks, now did you?

22. Let’s no forget: Be Kind.

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