Aziz Ansari Twitter Q And A: 26 Top Moments

Seriously, like you need another reason? IT’S AZIZ, YO!!!!

Nothing says ‘Sunday Funday’ like a Twitter Q and A (#AskAziz) with America’s sweetheart, Aziz Ansari. Fresh off the release of his self-distributed, one-hour comedy special, Dangerously Delicious, he spread the love like jelly on a hot piece of toast. By the way, you DID download his standup comedy special on, right? RIGHT?! Five dolla make you holla.

Well, let’s make like Ginuwine and jump on it, shall we? Your saddle is ready and waiting below.

26. For starters, we established a pretty important date. MARK YO CALENDARS.

25. It’s not a Twitter chat if there’s not a birthday shout-out.

24. That link above: BOOM.

23. Look. I know I mentioned Ginuwine. But you don’t get to jump on it here, BRAH.

22. For some people, well, Aziz just isn’t their cup of tea. HARD TO BELIEVE. I KNOW.

Every time I see @LargeMidget, I read it as Large Marge. YOU KNOW THE ONE.

21. He handles his haters with aplomb.

You guys, Marco Polo’s handle is @LIARALLDAY, so Imma not believe a word he says.

20. Checking off his list all Santa Claus-like.

19. One woman got all Adele on Aziz.

Honey, we wish nothing but the best for youuuuuuuu.

18. Leave your advice for him in the comments.

17. Look I hate to bust a nut here — I’m no squirrel — but like, OBVI DOT COM.

16. Fave questions were popular.

15. Shaving a few minutes off the chat, it turned to personal grooming.

14. Color me a shade of WUT?


Notice how he doesn’t use the official hashtag. NOTICE, OKAY?

12. Quick: add this to your Netflix queue.

11. Aziz got game. No, really.

10. Hot topics: Jay-Z, Kanye and R. Kelly.

Because his answer would be different otherwise?

9. It’s like people DON’T know how to use the Interwebz.

Every party has a pooper. That’s why we invited you.

Homegirl needs to slow her roll, and hashtag up.

8. Shit got real. Real fast.

7. When I grow up, I want to be…

6. Some of the best dialogue took place off-the-hashtag.

5. Let’s just say he won’t be Tebowing any time soon.

4. What’s in a name? Everything, you guys. EVERYTHING.

1. The 90s solve everything. EVERYTHING.

You try it! First up: Boo of Your Dreams

Now, remedy it with Seal’s ‘Kiss from a Rose.’ Go on. I’ll wait.

With lyrics. Cause you’re worth it, Boo.

You guys, this was real fun. What would you have asked Aziz? Come at me with your questions below, m’kay?

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