37 Best Pulp Concert Twitter Reactions

The dream of the ’90s was alive at Radio City Music Hall Wednesday night, guys.

Pulp wrapped up a two-night stint at Radio City Music Hall last night. If you don’t know who Pulp is, you probably just lost a lot of street cred with the folks below.

3. Double-booking is hard, you guys.

4. Everyone was there. EVERYONE.

5. On the subject of the venue:

6. Just so we’re clear.

8. Fashion played a key role.

12. The More You Ignore (kn)It. The Closer It Gets.

13. Tweets laced with guilt.

17. Scooby-Doo Reaction: “Those meddling kids!”

18. Sad Pulp Fan is Sad.

19. FOMO was rampant outside of Radio City Music Hall

21. The Ultimate Case of FOMO. META.

22. Someone call Austin Powers. LASERS.

24. Instagram was a hot topic.

25. Instagram: Ultimate Cure for FOMO

28. You just haven’t, m’kay?

29. Even kids were getting in on the act.

30. Call Ghostbusters. Streams crossed: Fox News Mole and Pulp.

33. Others were changed for life.

37. Others, well, they saw right through you, bro.

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