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13 Cute Photos Of Boo Shopping

Facing rumors of death, Boo did what any celebupup would do: SHOP AT NORDSTROM.

In case you heard the Boo death rumors this week know that Boo is alive, well and shopping, in this case. Boo was recently feted at Nordstrom in celebration of, well, Boo. Boo visited the Nordstrom San Francisco Centre store on Saturday, April 7, 2012. Nordstrom flooded their Facebook page with the cuteness today.

And if these aren't enough, you, too, can take your very own Boo home with you. Plus, who wouldn't want to read Boo's book, with Boo? You can't spell book with out Boo. Available at Nordstrom.

1. Every girl's dream: Boo & Loubies.

2. Brace yourself.



5. Shopping has me licked.

6. Tickling the ivories? More like tickling my tummy!!!

7. Hair care? What like it's hard?


9. Like a kid in a candy store. LITERALLY.

10. Heart-shaped glasses: kinda reminds me of the Biebs.

Related: Is that stuffed Boo in the background? DEVELOPING.

11. WATCH out: It's Boo.

12. Boo & Nordstrom. Enough said.

13. Slim Shady Moment: Will the Real Boo, Please Stand Up? Please Stand Up. I repeat.

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