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10 Situations That Make You Feel Awkward But Shouldn't

I'm awkward just thinking about them

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1. Handing back a load of clothes to the changing room assistant after trying them on


You knew you'd never buy them but you totally wanted to know how great they'd look on you. You try them on and dread the awkward hand off when you give the person at the changing room a whole mass of clothes on the wrong sized hangers or even worse inside out

2. Feeling like you should thank the car that stopped for you at a pedestrian crossing


Why do you just feel like such a nuisance when you need to cross the road? The car is supposed to stop for you. Like that is the law and yet you feel like you owe them an apology

3. When someone sits beside you in a row of seats and you spend your entire time thinking about how awkward it will be trying to get past them


Like when you are on the bus and someone sits beside you and you almost miss your stop because you are worrying about having to inconvenience them by asking them to move

6. Trying to pack your groceries or put your purse back in your bag after buying stuff


Like when you've purchased your items and got your change and you feel you need to rush to pack everything away because the people in the queue are judging you

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