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Instagram Censored This Artist's Body And She Answered Them With A Mind Blowing Blog Post.

What happened when one of the world's most popular photo sharing apps tried to shut down this creative, powerhouse woman who posted au naturale.

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“I'm used to reading articles about whole towns harassing a rape victim until she's forced to leave. I don't want to be used to this. I don't want to be desensitized to what's happening around me all.the.time.”

“The deletion of my account felt like a physical act, like the public coming at me with a razor, sticking their finger down my throat, forcing me to cover up, forcing me to succumb to society's image of beauty.”

Oh, and her "Vagina Tee"...yeah it's selling out. Take that, Instagram.

Check out more of Petra's incredible work at and at The Ardorous, an online art collective showcasing works of other emerging female artists.

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