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16 Giddy Jimmy Fallon Moments That Prove He's A Little Boy

Wikipedia and the rules of time say he's 40. They're incorrect.

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1. Here's Jimmy launching into his signature boyish laugh back on Late Night.


2. One time he lamented that this child's M shirt isn't in his favorite blue but it's cool because his snapback still rules.

3. Jimmy used to love playing "news man." Who could blame him? That's just good, clean fun.

4. Nothing like a duet at the talent show with your best friend who happens to be a famous child singer.

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5. Until you get a girlfriend to sing duets with and JT gets mad. Can't stop young love though.

6. Here's the kid kicking a piƱata, presumably at his 8th birthday party. JT wasn't invited.

7. Boys love crazy hats.

8. Love them.

9. Remember when Daniel Radcliffe rapped Blackalicious? So rad dude!

10. And who could forget the time Jimmy grew his hair out? Bring it back, man.

11. It's the dreads we can just pretend never happened.

12. We've all been through that overall phase though, you know?

13. But obviously his mom picks out his sweaters for SNL promos. Poor kid.

14. Of course he needs a shorter microphone, he hasn't hit his growth spurt yet.

15. Wasn't it so fun when Bill Cosby gave him a piggy back ride? So damn...wait. Too soon?


16. Never grow up, Jimmy.

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