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12 Different Forms Of “Hahaha” And When To Use Them

Bahaha? Dahaha? How are you laughing and why?

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1. Hahaha

Meaning: "Oh, very funny. Yes. Just rich with humour. Humour with a 'u.'"

When to use: When someone says something really funny.

2. Bahaha

Meaning: "That was really funny. So much so that I'm actually throwing my head back in laughter."

When to use: Whenever you want people to think you're a sheep.

3. Dahaha

Meaning: "This is funny, but I'm using a different letter to start my ahaha than you expected. I'm cultured."

When to use: Captioning a selfie with the Dalai Lama.

4. Nahaha

Meaning: "No, but well played. Still an amusing point."

When to use: Your friend asks you to spend $150 to go on a party bus for the fourth event of their "birthday week."

5. Fahaha

Meaning: "Fuck, that's funny."

When to use: If you feel like laughing but also want to convey the same sense of vulgar amusement that the title of Action Bronson's food show does.

6. Lahaha

Meaning: "This is so funny I'm actually going to sing about it, thereby annoying you."

When to use: After watching that Tom Hanks-starring Carly Rae Jepsen music video your friend sent you.

7. Muahaha

Meaning: "I'm relishing in your misery. SCHADENFREUDE SCHADENFREUDE SCHADENFREUDE."

When to use: In the caption for an Instagram of the very public embarrassment you captured of your friend.

8. Ahahah

Meaning: "This is hilarious!!!"

When to use: You're laughing so hard you can't even be bothered to type slowly, so you hit "a" before "h" and who cares because this is too funny.

9. Gahaha

Meaning: "I can't believe it!"

When to use: Anytime Bieber does something stupid. Also for his inevitable follow-up apology and pledge to be better.

10. Pahaha

Meaning: "I'm going to come out of the gate strong here—that was outrageous and funny."

When to use: If "bahaha" is somehow not strong enough to capture your hysterical state.

11. Chahaha

Meaning: "This is funny in a throaty, Jewish sort of way."

When to use: At your cousin's bar mitzvah every time his voice cracks.

12. Ha

Meaning: "I'm not laughing. This is a passive aggressive way to let you know your joke was dumb."

When to use: Your friend Gchats you a Sad Keanu meme after you try to have a serious conversation with them about how you hate your job.

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