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Today, the internet is the fastest way to connect people all over the world. Even more so, social media has made this connection easier through real-time communication. However, there are several cyber-security risks you are susceptible to on these social media platforms.

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Some of these security risks and ways to guide against them are discussed below.

1: Divulging information about your passwords:

Based on your information on social media sites, you are at risk of disclosing your password to hackers. Your name, date of birth, email address, workplace, family members and other personal information are likely to be related to your password. All hackers need do is keep trying combinations until they break through your security defence.

Precaution: Do not use passwords that have any direct correlation with your personal information. Using your middle name, mother’s name, mother’s maiden name, children's name or pet's name is unacceptable. Also, avoid using the same password for all your social media sites. Generate new passwords for every platform you subscribe to. Finally, make sure that your password combination is strong and cannot be easily guessed.

2: Exposure to identity theft:

Some online prowlers use other people's identities to commit crime. They pull your pictures and personal information from your social media accounts and use it to create a profile solely used to commit cyber-crimes. It happens in a way that any offense related to that account is in your name. So, law enforcement agents might be on your trail without you knowing it.

Precaution: Use the highest privacy settings on all your social media accounts. If you are not a celebrity, there is no point using your personal page as a public page.

3: Allowing hackers to gain access to your computer:

A lot of people think that just firewalls and a good antivirus are enough to keep out hackers. According to, security system reviews, lots of hackers pull through these two security measures and still get access to your computer. Once your system is compromised, all the information on it can be retrieved and used against you. Many have fallen victim to this. Fortunately, there are a few safeguarding methods that you can put in place to prevent this.

Precaution: Be careful about the kind of social media websites you subscribe to. Verify the authenticity before you sign up. Also, be mindful of offers that sound too good to be true. Downloading an app that promises instant millions of followers on social media might just be a life connection between you and a malicious hacker.

4: Feeding robbers with information about your whereabouts:

One other common security risk on social media is people revealing too much information about their location. Burglars are always well informed and track your movement in real life and on social media. They want to know about your location per time and how to catch you unawares. If you’re unaware of this, you’ll keep on feeding them information albeit unintentionally. An example is sharing your location of Facebook. An honest post about hanging out with friends at a mentioned location could lead robbers straight to you.

Precaution: Be careful about the real-time information you release online. Don't be too quick to post traveling itinerary of your family vacation to prevent your home from being burgled conveniently. Avoid sharing your location on Facebook and other social media apps. If you feel compelled to, make sure you’re no longer at the said place.

5: Leaking your business secrets:

Some of the innocent posts you make on social media, often have more meaning to watching eyes. While you might think, these posts are discreet enough, in actual sense, you have divulged information that could ruin your business or give your competitors edge over you. Many cases of compromising Celebrity Pics Leaked have been linked to vulnerability on social media posting.

Precaution: No comment is better than diplomatic posts. Always have it at the back of your mind that for every sentence you write or say, someone is waiting to deduce an alternate meaning. So, be wise.

6: Aiding stalkers:

Some things you do on social media could attract cyber stalkers to you. It may seem like fun at the initial stage of realizing that a particular person keeps tabs on your social activities. But at a point, it can become worrisome and dangerous. The stalking might lead to cyber bullying and derogatory use of your pictures.

Precaution: Refrain from posting personal sexually explicit contents if you are not psychologically ready for its negative implications

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