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23 Dogs With The Biggest Personalities Of 2014

Not all small things are pushovers. Take the Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS AIR: Despite being small, it has a heck of a personality.

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1. The dog who took on the sofa and lost:

2. The greedy dog who learnt a really good trick:

3. The dog who said "no" to baths:

4. And this one too:

5. The dog who evolved to use tools:

6. The dog who ruined his owner's dream of seeing a building being demolished:

7. The dog who will sleep here now, thank you:

8. The dog who always ate his greens… / Via

...even if it is off the kitchen side.

9. The dog who refused to be kissed:

10. The guiltiest looking dog that ever dogged:

11. The dog who wanted to cat:

12. The dog who was into doing age-inappropriate dance moves:

13. The dog who thought "what if…"

14. The dog who knew he wasn't supposed to do "dog eyes" while his owner was eating:

15. The tiny puppy who was a big bully:

16. The dog who tried to bite passing cars:

17. The dog who knew the joys of the trampoline:

18. The dog who is going to sit wherever he wants:

19. The dog who got bored of crossing the road halfway across:

20. The dog who can steal food from the other room:

21. The dog who thought that the kids' toys looked more fun than his own:

22. These clearly vicious puppies:

23. This puppy, who was out to cause trouble:

Want to see another dog with bags of attitude?

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Just like the Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS AIR: a small car with loads of personality.