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13 Small Things That Just Rock

Sometimes, it’s the smaller things in life that are the most satisfying. Like the Vauxhall’s ADAM ROCKS AIR easy access entry.

1. Poaching an egg in the exact time it takes to toast the toast.

2. Throwing rubbish in the bin from a distance and getting it in, first go.

3. Finding a tenner in last year's winter coat pocket.

4. Drawing pictures on foggy car windows.

5. Arriving home and remembering that your past self already put the new sheets on the bed so you don't have to.

6. Staying in and snacking on the sofa instead of going out.

7. The 10 minutes of snooze-button sleep that are better than all the hours before it.

8. New stationery.

9. Eating lunch outside instead of at your computer.

10. A handwritten letter from a pal.

11. Putting your socks on straight out of the dryer.

12. An itch you can actually scratch.

13. Popping bubble wrap.

Vauxhall's ADAM ROCKS AIR. It's the small things that count.

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