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    • Vastern02

      The wedding was on New Year’s Eve and my cousin and I were wedding buddies. My crush was also there. Some of his older, married friends had—unbeknownst to me—decided that he and my cousin would make the perfect couple. Later, when I heard, “10! 9! 8!” I looked for my wedding buddy—can’t let her go unkissed at midnight, we were WEDDING BUDDIES. “7! 6!” I found her with my crush and his friends. “5! 4!” There was an uneven number of people. Maybe I should find another group? “3! 2!” The rest of the party had already paired off. It was too late. Maybe my crush would hug me at midnight! “1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” The married folks kissed. My crush hugged my cousin. I smiled. Alone. So aware of my aloneness. Happy Freaking New Year.

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