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Decorate Your House - Bachelor/-Ette Edition

Don't struggle with yourself while decorating your house. Here's a guide for every fellow guy / girl to get you out of your deco-misery! *cheer*

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Decorating the Living Room

First of all, choose the colors you would like to deal with (note: the colors that you're in the mood of facing each and every morning!). By choosing the colors I mean: curtains, furniture, even paintings! Don't go with 1 color for everything in your living room if you're moody and seriously.. don't go with many colors if you're having anxiety problems and trouble focusing. In case 1, choose happier colors and in case 2, choose calm tones.

Second thing that comes to my mind is the lights. Yes, the lights that you're going to choose for your house. I prefer having fairy lights around the house and choose them.. instead of the main lights. (In case you lose your keys, or your phone, or the remote control... don't curse at me! *giggles*)

Optional: Candles, stickers, handmade/DIY stuff, vintage kind of stuff are always welcome! A Mirror in the right place, a sexy bookcase, many books and a desk with your computer.

Customizing the Bedroom.

Decorating your Bedroom is not as easy as it seems. This is the room that you can go small or you can go big. Choose between bright or dark colors. You have to think what would you like to see the morning you wake up.. or what would you like to see when you're struggling to get up from the bed and dress for work!
Choosing the right bed / mattress: Choosing the right stuff for your bedroom is simple only if you have the picture of it in your head. You can go with metal or wood.. or you can go with NO bed at all! Yes, after all.. is only the mattress that matters!

Optional: Candles, stickers, handmade/DIY things, vintage stuff, painting, furniture in suitable color. Avoid having a mirror in front of your bed but do have one in case you want to check-your-style.

Decorating the Bathroom


You don't have to fully change / decorate your Bathroom. You can always add more storage furniture to help you keep everything in place. Consider having one or more bath-carpets. Also, adding some plants in your bathroom can make the environment more relaxing.

Optional: Candles, stickers, handmade/DIY things, vintage stuff, maybe a painting, furniture in suitable color.

Decorating the Kitchen

The Kitchen is a place where you can share a meal, have some chit-chat and maybe have a really good chef-session by yourself.

The customization of the Kitchen depends on how the room wants to be customized. By this, I mean: If your Kitchen is a bar-apart from the living room you can choose without any hesitation the same colors/decoration. On the other hand you can choose to split these two spaces and follow different decorations in each room. All you have to think about your Kitchen is the table, maybe a clock on the wall (always important), maybe a chalkboard or a metallic board for lists and stuff you ALWAYS forget!.

Optional: Candles, stickers, handmade/DIY things, vintage stuff, painting (maybe lots of them!), furniture in suitable color, bowl/fruit bowl with fake or real fruit.

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