Ok, so first we have a red carpet during the…

Ok, so first we have a red carpet during the beginning hours of the pre Superbowl, with a bunch of misplaced hollywood jives trying to hock some new movie or album or w/e prefume they just released. What happened to just putting on some stats and reviewing how the season went? Then it’s that one girl from Glee singing America the Beautiful. Now, for the rest of the game, I have to hear about some weak sauce Glee special after the game itself. I didn’t know the Superbowl target demographics was a bunch of drama club gays? Speaking of which, then we had Christina Aguilera fucking up the National Anthem, which she messes up twice. I know she’s done it before, and for all that grievous posturing and hand singing, its really sad to see somebodys dream die on tape like that because she will never be Whitney Houston. So much for that broad’s career… which is like four years past due. Then we have the game, which was great. One of the better superbowls these last couple of years. In the middle of which, they roll these people out dressed like a Daft Punk show from the Discovery tour. Do they do anything original? Every song has a sample or even lyrics from a previously existing song. So the stage so is a copy of Daft Punk and the songs are lifted from other people. They should just stick to being professional remixers because they obviously have no interest in making their own music. (Que Vanilla Ice singing the Dings) This is what happens when people who don’t like football are put in charge of the entertainment. I sure its hard to book a band that fits all 90 million viewers tastes, but when I hear people talk more about the commericals than how great of a game it was, I realize it was a perfect choice. All of this shit was not meant for a football fan.

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