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The Hard Questions Raised By "A Goofy Movie"

Every wonder about the strange world of Max, PJ and Bobby Zimmeruski?

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While A GOOFY MOVIE is unquestionably one of the finest films ever produced, it raises many dilemmas and harsh queries that philosophers, film lovers and cartoon dogpeople alike will be discussing for generations, and yet any true intellectual realizes that A GOOFY MOVIE raises more questions than it answers.

Namely, the fact that if Goofy and Max are some type of dog-like species, along with what seems like the entire town, what must life be like for Pete and PJ, the only cats in the entire city? How did these animals mutate into the grotesque humanoid animals they are? Was it some kind of environmental cataclysm or is this film set in some unthinkable future where these creatures are the endgame of some evolutionary process?


Max makes reference to both Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, yet on their voyage across the country, not one character comes into contact with any species beside the dog-type of Goofy and Max. Where do the ducks live? Where do the mice live? Why is there such clear segregation in this world? Who decreed this segregation? Is he or she a dogperson? How did they rise to power? Why does he/she think dog-humans are superior to the other species when Mickey Mouse, a mouse, is still revered on what it appears to be a ubiquitous cultural level?

Yet, of all the pressing questions littered through A GOOFY MOVIE, the most vital one comes with Max’s mention of Walt Disney, a human and the progenitor of all the characters that populate the film. Is Walt Disney a real human that really serves his normal function in this world? Is he the only human that exists? Do Walt Disney and the entire human race coexist with these hybrid humimals or is the name “Walt Disney” simply synonymous for God in the eyes of Max, PJ and Bobby Zimmeruski?


But also “What is existence and how do we, both the viewers of the film and the characters therein, relate to the ever expanding and contracting cosmic fabric of the universe?” Are we doomed and destined to become these creatures, our familiar world to fall apart and give way to a world resembling that of this seemingly prophetic film?

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