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12 Tiny Things That Will Make A Big Difference For Your Desk

You'll actually like going to work!

1. These super-clean and modern wooden planters that make perfect homes for your succulents.

2. This seriously handy and accessible organizer that will declutter your desk.

3. This cord-wrangling doodad that will save you from detangling forever.

4. This fun and sunny take on a zen garden that will remind you of vacation.

5. This eensy-weensy planter that makes it fun to water your plant babies.

6. These little squishy cats that are fun and stress-relieving to ~squeeze~ and ~wiggle~.

7. This geometric phone stand that can also store your cords and plugs.

8. This stylishly minimalistic filing set that keeps your papers in order.

9. This magically scientific and self-sustaining closed aquatic ecosphere with little marine shrimp.

10. This essential oil diffuser that will keep things both fresh and chill.

11. A uniquely "you" mug that no one else could possibly mistake for their own.

12. And this spill-proof coffee holder that won't take up any space on your desk.

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