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    • vantrama

      there are files which canbe storage online with your [ client]password only he / she can open it like lockers storeage can store it as much asyou canthink 1$ for 2GB FOREVER its stored in storage banks can by online who don’t have storage capability they can easily store there files ,documents family pictures all comibined storage singlelygiving no alphabhates like 24hsbh again no lock open when mobile with id number presses its no locker will open bank transictions open only bythere passwordlockeris in it operated only by your mobile or hardware if its forgotten an electronic help ask may be customer care it will open again it takes 1$ for it you can store countless storage on it. vantram arun.

    • vantrama

      hai,its horrorable to know that your product is taken and you are not paid voice base is mine as i written in it you 2days back i seen on google vp of google presenting my product i don’t know when they will lanuch it its tramdous and next ?if somebody is talking someone command is open while talking close said then will it close no do one thing command connect a friend then touch the screen it will lock the conversation and it will not effect the product is made not even one try to contact me not even single penny is given i have to find fifteen pages to find what’s written for me no fixed place am i working or not is not known no payback no respond no asking how to make it will be completed they critcise it don’t have this it don’t have thattwice creat a project i have given my a/c no that’s2019767725 in SBI bank murali nagar branch visakhapatnam530007 PLS put my money in it you getting worldwide collection of it say for next 5years can’t you pay idea giver any money latter becomeing galillo iam not compering my self with galillo but nobody belived him in his time but latter he become legent we are not known in our times what we remembered in future is a fantasy and try in product put music when it changes from one command to other.andplays of crosswords and other alphabhates very useful in schools young generation in people to incearse there mindpower sums logics etc.-vantram arun my adderess V S rao dr no 39-8-7/4 sri sai renuka residency murali nagar .visakhapatnam530007 A P INDIA and proviod me office to work and i don’t have certificates i lost them but ask me put any potencial i am right there attach on my tool bar my job and clearly mention it and they offer me life long subsciption of internet its nearly100 mb left i am worried pls put FAQ ,help ,customer care to know or inqurieanything i still don’t know where ishould log on to start put thoughts and work sure way of taking money if you not avilible all time tell when can i meet usually put my work and get definite answers pls see that i get recharged my photon no is9291378952. my facebook is and gmail andmassages are stucking can i get a clear replaynow rether than searhing for it .

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