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We Bet You Can’t Make It Through This Post Without Craving Waffles

This might actually be impossible.

So you thought you’d just waltz on in here, look at some photos, and not want some waffles? Think again, pal. This isn’t going to be easy.

This is hard mode, my friend. If these soft and flaky, discs of golden heaven weren’t tempting enough already, you basically have no excuses to not want Van’s waffles.

Gluten-free? Not a problem. This culinary triumph of ooey-gooey syrupy goodness is completely sans gluten.

Are you lured in by these banana-fied breakfast beauties, but you don’t do eggs or dairy? What if we told you that these are egg-free and dairy-free? We couldn’t believe it either!

Honestly, it’s perfectly fine to just admit that you need this plate of waffles in your life. You can even rest easy knowing that they’re verified non-GMO.

Hold up. Can we take a sec to marvel at this extra tall blueberry stack? Perfection.

The only things sweeter than the blueberries on top are the real blueberries inside. Van’s have no artificial flavors, just authentic fruit goodness.

These waffles have nothing to hide. No artificial colors, no preservatives. But feel free to hide 'em as deep as you want in delicious toppings.

Take one last look. Have you ever seen anything more glorious? Impossible.

Honestly, it was probably unfair of us to ask you to not want these waffles. That's our bad.