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    Snoop Dogg's Daughter, Cori Broadus, Is Tired Of Body Shamers, And Honestly, I Feel The Same

    "Y’all be annoying on here."

    People really don't know how to mind their own business, and Snoop Dogg's daughter, Cori Broadus, isn't here for it.

    The daughter of the rap mogul took to her Instagram stories on Monday to call out a user who told her she should get plastic surgery.

    Cori Broadus / Instagram: @princessbroadus

    Cori's thoughts came after someone DM'd her that she should get a tummy tuck and breast reduction.

    Cori posing on a red carpet in spaghetti strap dress and an army fatigue printed jacket
    Robin L Marshall / Getty Images

    "Like [why] y’all b so miserable on here," she wrote. "Like I don’t know what I’m suppose to do my shit just big as fuck. Y’all be annoying on here."

    "Oh she 2 big oh she 2 skinny oh she this oh she that," she wrote about the comments she's seen online. "Embrace what you got and shut the fuck up."

    Cori rocking a casual romper and a bandanna and hoop earrings
    Prince Williams / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    Personally, I'd suggest leaving Cori alone before she has to get her dad involved. Papa Snoop don't play.