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    Shawn Mendes Kept It Very Real In An Instagram Comment Calling Out Camila Cabello For Farting In Front Of Him

    At least he's honest. 😂

    Another day, another cute Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello social media moment.

    Shawn and Camilla posing at the American Music Awards while Camilla hold her trophy

    On Wednesday, Camila took to her TikTok to post a funny video about the honeymoon phase of every relationship.

    Shawn hugging Camilla from behind as they sing onstage

    You know, the one where you pretend you're not a fully functioning human being.

    Camila and Shawn smiling at each other and touching hands

    "That first phase of dating when u can’t fart or Poo or be a human," she captioned a funny video of herself with Shawn where she pretends to let out a fart as soon as he leaves the room.


    That first phase of dating when u can’t fart or Poo or be a human

    ♬ Opportunity - Quvenzhané Wallis

    Well, Shawn caught wind of the post on her Instagram and left a pretty honest comment.

    He said, "But u do fart tho." Leave it to Shawn to keep it 100 percent real.

    These two are couple goals for a reason, and I wouldn't have it any other way.